Greatest Invention Ever – The Pencil. The Second – The Eraser

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When was the last time you used a pencil? Just this week, as I was proofreading a document, I quickly reached for a pencil. As I was scribbling some notes, my immediate thought was, “Writing by hand takes so long, no wonder it looks like chicken scratch.”

My second thought, and epiphany for the day, came about as I misspelled a word and turned my pencil over to erase it. There was a bit of effort involved, more profound than backspace or delete.

“Wow, when was the last time I utilized a pencil and an eraser?”

This simple inexpensive pencil allowed me to draft and create… and then it allowed me to erase. A do-over if you will.

Every morning, when we awake, we have the ability to create. We have the power to build up someone or something of value. Not only can we create, but we can acknowledge and erase our mistakes. It is as if we are handed a magic pencil.

  • Create: “Thank you, awesome job, you did it! What do you think about this?”
  • Erase: “My bad, I was wrong, let’s reconsider, I am sorry.”
  • Bonus: Avoid words or actions that are more “permanent marker” in nature.

Come on, admit it, you are tempted to grab a pencil and draw, doodle, write or create. Never will you underestimate the power of a pencil. Never underestimate the power of your words, actions or deeds.

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