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“The Success Equations for High Performance Teams”

  • Learn the success equations for authenticity, innovation and creativity

  • Improve communication with others

  • Approach today and the next with a greater sense of confidence and motivation

“Growth Mindset Leadership”

Do you desire higher levels of success with significance in your professional and personal life? Would you like to develop a leadership style with passion, purpose, and persuasive power? Let’s develop a legacy of leadership for today and tomorrow filled with passion, purpose and persuasive power.


Participants will learn how to lead themselves and others toward greater organizational well-being and achievement. 

  • Discover the attributes of a growth mindset

  • Improve communication and collaboration within a multi-generational and diverse workforce

  • Learn how to inspire and engage a team 

We have transitioned from an industrial age to an information age, and now into a participatory-experience age. Many leaders are effective but may have developed their skill set several years ago. The time is now for refining our approach to leadership. Leadership is a gift that can be developed for enduring impact within any organization.

“Greg was our keynote speaker for Colorado State University’s graduate students..He was funny, genuine and well received…a dynamic and inspirational leader to our students…Did I mention that he is also an excellent writer?  He just wrote a book on the same subject [Refining Moments].  Great book for anyone who is going through a refining/defining moment in his/her life.”   Margaret Saldana, PHR Certified, Lifelong Learner

“It was my pleasure to hear Greg deliver a terrific speech this morning.  His reframing of ‘retirement’ as ‘refinement’ is right on the money.  I recommend you reach out to Greg for a keynote and buy his book.”   M. Krayton, World Traveler, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author