Refining Moments

Shaping your successes and setbacks into significance

Acknowledging three critical, “refining” moments in our lives — physical, emotional, and financial — can take us down a path of continuous improvement toward a more fulfilling second half of life. Though we often zoom past these moments during our too-busy days, they can make us, break us, shape us and, if we allow, refine us.

Refining Moments
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  • Change the success paradigm and the outdated view of retirement.

  • Eliminate the toxic elements that hinder your relational, physical, and financial well-being.

  • Learn to recognize and create daily activities so you can have it all – once you fully understand “it all.”

Excerpt from Foreword:
… I’d want to teach my kids about love, faith, relationships, pride, power of positive attitude, gratitude, humility, how to have meaningful conversations, nutrition, investing, and financial management.
What if I told you all these topics would be addressed by Gregory in his new book? And what if I told you they are addressed in a meaningful, humble, and caring way? Would you commit to not only reading this important book, but passing it on to your kids and friends? … You are going to like this book, but more importantly, love Gregory’s heart for teaching and serving others.
Tommy Spaulding
Author of the New York Times best seller, It’s Not Just Who You Know