“Are you a Restaurant Critic?”

“Excuse me, can I ask you a question?” The young girl politely surprised me at my table as I was eating my pizza.

“Of course,” I responded with a smile…

Yesterday was a longer day than usual. After a 12-hour day, I had no patience for Denver traffic so I pulled off I-25 and started hunting for a place to eat. I had only snacked during the day and, those that know me, know this bear does not like to go hungry.

I see what I believe to be an unassuming pizza place in an upscale neighborhood (think Peyton Manning); to my surprise the place is packed. One of the few truly Chicago deep-dish places around town.

I’m waiting, waiting, and waiting… to be seated. I’m finally led to a table next to a mother with her two young daughters. They had been waiting even longer than me – 45 minutes later (I had ordered thin crust assuming it would not take as long), my food is delivered. I text my wife – “just now received my dinner!” …

“What’s your question?” I asked the young girl.

“Are you a restaurant critic?” she replies.

“Excuse me?” I ask surprisingly.

“Are you a restaurant critic?” she politely repeated with beautiful braces and a smile.

“Oh no, but I wish I were,” as I smiled back.

We chuckled and she returned to her table. Her mother then explained that they love this place and they were so concerned. By my demeanor, dress, and use of utensils, they assumed I was a critic about to hand out a bad review!

“No, that’s just the way I look when I’m hungry and tired,” I chuckle.  (Must have looked pretty darn snooty, I assume.) I laughed and thanked them for making my day. It was a great day in a business sense but this moment proved to be the highlight. The lesson:

Lighten-up and don’t be that old guy!

The server apologized for the delay. She was not aware they were unexpectedly short-staffed. The hostess and server offered to buy my meal.

I thanked them and expressed my gratitude for their patrons. Because of this family, I will be back with my wife on Sunday. You can bet – I’m going for the deep-dish!

#PatxisPizzaCherryHills #MakeSomeonesDay #Smile

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