EARN the Title of Leader by Learning to Follow

How many parents do you hear saying, “I want my kid to be a great follower.” Visit your weekend youth sports field and listen to the parents cheering, “Be a winner, be a leader.” No one is saying, “Way to be a follower!”

Not too many workshops on how to be a follower either. Yet, a leadership journey starts and will always include the ability to follow wisely.

When you are following, you are learning acceptable and unacceptable behavior or the elements of success and setbacks. What to do and what not to do. Skilled followers consistently ask themselves –

·        What would I do differently?

·        How can I improve?

If you desire to lead others, you must E.A.R.N. the right to be followed.

Engaging – superb communication skills and emotional intelligence

Authority – not granted by title but by proven and continuously improving results

Respect – for self, and then for others

Ninja – Yes, I was searching for a word, but it makes sense!

A ninja is highly trained and skilled with direct field experience. A ninja is ready to respond to a challenging situation. They are present in the moment by listening and observing. There is a continuous investment of time in learning their craft by following the lead of others. There is leadership presence.

A Leadership Ninja carries a sword of training, knowledge and personality – persuasive power.

Our leadership presence comes from talking less and walking the walk. EARN the attention of others and you will be followed.

An ordinary guy helping people achieve extra-ordinary results. Contact me now at gkh@gkarlco.com.

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