Passion, Purpose, Legacy

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When I was a boy and in school, there were certain subjects of study that just made sense.  I could see the purpose or value of such knowledge and I would invest much time and effort to excel in the course assignments.  Quite frankly, there were other subjects that just did not seem to make sense.  What good is this?  Why do I need this?  Of course, I was failing to value the big picture and the benefits of a well-rounded education.

Fast forward to the corporate world – If the task or assignment makes sense, I’m all in.

Fast forward to life – In the words of bestselling author and pastor, Rick Warren, What on earth am I here for?  

If you are anything like me, if the goal does not make sense or seem worth the effort, the chances for success are greatly diminished. The odds are greatly in my favor when I am all in with focus and laser-like intentionality.

Sadly, we tend to focus on one, maybe two, major areas of our life, and we can travel years without confirming we are still on the right path.  Our prospects for success in life are enhanced when we find passion and purpose and a desire to build a lasting legacy for those that we love and the world around us.  Give some thought to your life journey in terms of:

Financial – the management of your skill-set and resources

Physical – you only have one physical body so nurture it

Emotional – relational and spiritual growth

For me, I am here to love, learn, and to live a life of passion and purpose, knowing that my action or inaction can have a lasting impact on those that are closest to me for years to come.

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