“Refining Moments”

Refining Moments
Gregory Hernandez, author of Refining Moments (Available on Amazon-click image to order)

Acknowledging three critical, “refining” moments in our lives — physical, emotional, and financial — can take us down a path of continuous improvement toward a more fulfilling second half of life. Though we often zoom past these moments during our too-busy days, they can make us, break us, shape us and, if we allow, refine us.

  • Change the success paradigm and the outdated view of retirement.
  • Eliminate the toxic elements that hinder your relational, physical, and financial well-being.
  • Learn to recognize and create daily activities so you can have it all – once you fully understand “it all.”



Excerpt from Foreword:

… I’d want to teach my kids about love, faith, relationships, pride, power of positive attitude, gratitude, humility, how to have meaningful conversations, nutrition, investing, and financial management.

What if I told you all these topics would be addressed by Gregory in his new book? And what if I told you they are addressed in a meaningful, humble, and caring way? Would you commit to not only reading this important book, but passing it on to your kids and friends?

… You are going to like this book, but more importantly, love Gregory’s heart for teaching and serving others.

Tommy Spaulding
Author of the New York Times best seller, It’s Not Just Who You Know


I’ve read many business and personal development books and I have to say that “Refining Moments” provided a refreshing blend of inspiration and education. Having gone through many refining moments in my life… physical, financial, and emotional, I found Greg’s story and examples to be relatable and refreshing. His reference to a “learning orientation” and his formula for “attitude” were helpful in helping me frame my career path as a corporate refugee and entrepreneur. I also happen to agree with him… women are taking over the world!

Felena Hanson
Founder, Hera Hub

I am excited to recommend Refining Moments by Greg Hernandez. Describing himself as “an ordinary guy helping people achieve extra-ordinary results,” Greg uses personal stories, humor and insight gained through years in the corporate world, to offer a more satisfying definition of true success – emotionally, physically and financially. The chapter on learning vs. performing will impact me the rest of my life! Refining Moments offers a fresh approach for improving our lives regardless of where we have been, where we are or where we hope to be.

Gary Partridge
Executive Pastor, Plum Creek Community Church

 Refining Moments is filled with life lessons, and you will appreciate Greg’s wit and wisdom as you move toward a life with significance.”

Darren Canada, JD, CFP
Raymond James Financial Services, Inc.



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