…Over the years, I have had the opportunity to listen to many prominent speakers regarding financial services. Greg ties the best of those to real life in a humble and sincere voice. It was among the best I have ever heard. I'm glad it hit home with you too.

- Gabriel A., Senior Financial Advisor

The feedback was amazing. You captured the audience with your personal and professional life; I was lifted up after listening to your presentation. Others came to me and stated how professional and humorous you were and made their day.

- Jackie Barker, Chief Business Office Purchased Care, Veterans Health Administration, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Omg!!!! What a great meeting we had today [Creative Connections]. Gregory was so awesome...this is a speaker your group must hear. I am so inspired; I am writing this before I leave the meeting.

- Harmony Thiessen, Author, Speaker, Coach, Consultant

It only took one phone conversation with Greg to see that he was the perfect fit to speak, train and motivate our young company of representatives.  Seldom do I have the pleasure to end a phone call more motivated and with more tools to use in my business than I had prior to the phone call.  It was a simple decision to hire him for our Catasym Annual Event...Our representatives commented on how approachable and down to earth Greg was in their conversations with them and really appreciated his authenticity.

Greg's speaking skills and ability to engage our group of representatives as well as myself was nothing short of spectacular.  To read his resume you would hardly think of Greg as an "ordinary guy" but that is exactly what makes him great at what he does.  Each one of our reps could see themselves being very ordinary but doing extra ordinary things with their lives.  The tasks and steps that Greg guided them through were actual take home training pieces that could be implemented in their business and in their daily lives.  In follow up discussions and webinars with representatives that attended our event, it was hard not to notice the impact that Mr. Hernandez had on each and every representative and I am thankful for his ability to solidify our culture of service with his own service to our company and the people we rely on to build our brand.

I look forward to working with Greg again in the future and wholeheartedly recommend him. He has gone well beyond my expectations and any organization would be well served to have Greg speak to them.

- Mitch Klann, Founder, Catasym

It was my pleasure to hear Greg deliver a terrific speech this morning. His reframing of 'retirement' as 'refinement' is right on the money. I recommend you reach out to Greg for a keynote and buy his book.

- Mitch Krayton, Speaker, Entrepreneur and World Traveler

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